Uncut #4: Mike Portnoy Interview im Kunst, Hamburg

Backstage in Hamburg at the Knust Music Club on September 10th, 2013.
The Winery Dogs were in town and Mike Portnoy was kind enough to make himself available for an interview. We talked about
00:10 Winery Dogs Tour
00:50 being back strong after making career changes
01:50 changes in drum styles
03:00 genesis of ‘Criminal’
04:45 upcoming tour plans with Winery Dogs
05:45 showday routine
07:50 memory
09:20 business sense/giving back/Lars Ulrich
12:30 three guys in a room with no agenda
13:40 plans for the Winery Dogs

In the final minute the audio is a bit iffy, we apologize.

Please also take a look at this playlist with more interviews with Mike and other Winery Dogs members:

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Cut #3: Steve Lukather, Interview in der Markthalle, Transition tour

Am 24. März 2013 war Steve Lukather mit Band in Hamburg, um sein neuestes Soloalbum Transition zu promoten. Hier seht ihr die knapp siebenminütige Zusammenfassung.

Links und Show Notes:
Steve Lukathers Homepage, Twitter, Facebook
Das neue Album Transition, Spotify.
Steely Dan, Spotify
The Great and Powerful Oz
Trev Lukathers Band Cash Vertigo, Right the Wrong auf Soundcloud, auf Spotify
CJ Vanston Wikipedia, Twitter
Die Geschichte von Napster
Music Man Luke IIILukathers Pedalboard
Bogner 101B
Hardwire Delays
stryman Lex (Leslie Simulator)
Dunlop JB 95 Joe Bonnamassa Crybaby Wah
Providence Anadime Chorus
Xotic XP Compressor

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Uncut #1: Johnny Häusler von Plan B ist Backstage in Hamburg im Übel & Gefährlich

Backstage im Übel & Gefährlich: Das Gespräch mit Johnny Häusler, Sänger und Gitarrist der Berliner Band Plan B, die sich 2012 nach 16 Jahren wiederformiert haben, auf Tour gegangen sind und für 2013 ein neues Album planen, in voller Länge.

Playlist mit Live-Aufnahmen und weiteren Interviews von Johnny: Playlist Backstage in Hamburg – Johnny Häusler

Themen und Links:
Übel & Gefährlich
Hornbach Doku
In-Ear Sender von Sennheiser
Fender Custom Made
Haar Holland
Just Music Berlin
Sven Schumacher
Blogeintrag “neuer Gitarrist”
Ich & Ich
Popsplits Video (VPN required)
Toten Hosen, Ärzte, Reinhard Mey, Olli Schulz
Spotify, Back to Plan B
An Tagen wie Diesen 700k
Shout out louds, Vinyl aus Eis
Greenhouse Effect
Fury in the Slaughterhouse
Time to Wonder
Beam me Up Scotty
Video So spielt man Beam me Up Scotty
Toy Dolls YouTube Gitarre Nelly the elephant
The Specials Reunion England Videos
Im Netz
Plan B auf Facebook

Aaaand – we’re live!

Late in 2012 I had some time off to think about what I would do next. My English podcast didn’t really excite me anymore, instead I focussed on playing and listening to music. Finally one night it dawned on me. Why not combine my interest in music, my love for English with the joy of conducting interviews (which I had done a lot of for the currently offline Kanal 14 podcast).

Backstage in Hamburg is the result and I hope you like it. There’ll be a colorful mix of guests, short cuts and only slightly edited long versions and we’ll add audio feeds as well. And yes, I’ll work on the logo too.

A big Shout Out to Johnny who agreed to be interviewed without seeing any proof – Thank You.